Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

How should I dress my Hogadon Miner or Hogadon Explorer? 
Start with a thin layer of moisture-wicking material next to the skin. Layer according to the weather with fleece or wool.  Finish with water-resistant coat and pants.  Bring a hat and helmet, neck warmer and water-resistant mittens. Don’t forget ski goggles or sunglasses. Use only one pair of socks, preferably ski socks as they keep kids’ feet drier and warmer. Apply sunscreen. 

Where do the sessions begin and end? 
Groups assemble on the snow behind the Snow School at class time.  Please check in on the lower level of the Snow School before the groups assemble.  You will pick up your Miner or Explorer in the same area.  Please be sure to check out on the lower level of the Snow Scholl before you leave the area.